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Learning environments that excite imaginations, foster creativity and emphasize quality.

The Idaho Commission on the Arts believes its investment in the arts is crucial to achieving our desired future. Working in the arts and with artists develops skills, knowledge and ways of thinking that allow us to address complexity and foster creative approaches to living. Working deeply in an arts discipline is an important way to understand the power of the arts.

Artists in Residence are one way to discover that power. Residencies sponsored by Idaho Commission on the Arts' Arts Education Project https://arts.idaho.gov/grant_type/artsed/ and QuickFunds grants are designed to:
  • Reveal connections across disciplines
  • Inspire reflection and refinement in developing teaching artistic work
  • Connect to human values
  • Tap into the unique expressive qualities of the arts
  • Rejuvenate the human spirit
The Directory of Teaching Artists is a listing of Idaho teaching artists who are available to work in schools as Artists in Residence. Teaching artists included in this directory have been through a rigorous screening process and require no additional support material to be included on an ICA grant application. They are excellent representatives of their artistic disciplines and outstanding communicators who enjoy sharing their ideas, vision, and expertise in the creative process with a wide variety of audiences.

Ideas for projects are endless. As you read the Idaho Commission on the Artsí Directory of Teaching Artists, i m a g i n e   t h e   p o s s i b i l i t i e s   that will bring new life to your curriculum and programs.

Find more information on Planning a Residency page.


N e w s
Once every two years, ICA considers new artists for the Artists in Residence program.

The upcoming deadline to apply to be included in the Directory of Teaching Artists is June 29, 2012.

Ranging from film making, choreography, ceramics, to leather working, the ICA teaching artistsí represent some of the best in a wide range of arts disciplines. As a teaching artist, you would lead students in creative activities by collaborating with teachers to deliver meaningful arts education programs throughout the state of Idaho.

To learn more and to apply, click here.

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