2013 - 2014 Submissions

Christine Donnell School of the Arts, Boise, ID – Courage to Create, team lead teacher: Shawna Exline, teaching artist: Troy Passey

Christine Donnell School of the Arts, Boise, ID – Water Through a Lens, team lead teacher: Jan Lundine, teaching artist: Mike Shipman

Pepper Ridge Elementary, Boise, ID – Wild Tracks, Team lead teacher: Joyce Messinger, teaching Artist: Amy Nack

Valley Elementary, Hazelton, ID – StoryTelling, lead teacher: Jamie Koltz, teaching artist: Teresa Clark

Washington Elementary, Sandpoint, ID – We All Dance, team lead teacher: Teresa Randeles, teaching artist: Kay Braden

Woodside Elementary/Carey Elementary, Hailey and Carey, ID – Leather Braiding and Tooling, team lead teachers: Joni Cashman and Jennifer Mecham, teaching Artist: Deana Atteberry



As a community of learners at the ArtsPowered Schools Summer Institute, dedicated participants all work together to better understand the qualities and characteristics needed to create outstanding arts teaching and learning experiences for Idaho students. Good for us! And good for students!

During the ASP Institute, school teams have an opportunity to select one of the participating teaching artists to collaborate with in the development of an arts integrated residency plan to be carried out during the upcoming school year. The collaboration between practicing artists and passionate educators results in a personalization of the residency around work that “matters” to students and that increases the value of the experience for students, teachers, and artists, exponentially.
Each team commits to taking deliberate steps to document student learning by collecting samples of student work and participating in a reflection of their cooperative efforts in order to tell the story of the student learning.Reporting project outcomes through such means as the Peer to Peer Reflection Network offers a way for teachers and artists to contribute to wider knowledge and reach people that may be interested in their unit or lesson design and student learning results.

“Teaching artist/ teacher collaborations provide opportunities to create units that engage students in concepts, ideas, and questions that are significant, complex, age appropriate, and relevant.” – A Report on the Teaching Artist Research project, 2012.

“Arts integration advances the principles of good teaching practice – the consistent use of hands-on and project based learning, the connection of big ideas and concepts across subject areas, and the development of classrooms as learning communities.” – Deb Brzoska, APS arts education consultant.