DIGGING DEEPER – Advancing Arts
Teaching and Learning Through
Reflective Practice

Reporting project outcomes is a persuasive means for teachers to contribute to wider knowledge and reach people that may be interested in your unit or lesson design and
student learning results.

During the 2010-11 school year, five APS artist/school residency teams carried out outstanding residency projects. Each team committed to taking deliberate steps to document student learning, collecting samples of student work, and participate in a reflection of their cooperative work in order to tell the story of the student learning.

Each residency team presented shared observations and documentation of students and their learning as a part of ArtsPowered Schools – Summer 2011.

The following video represents a compilation of three of the Digging Deeper presentations.

ICANational Endowment ISDE
Idaho Commission on the Arts National Endowment for te Arts eaprrtment of Education, State of IDaho