Maximize the power of the arts to expand the realm of teaching and learning in your school

Idaho Commission on the Arts
Idaho State Department of Education

The 7th Annual

August 9 – 14, North Idaho College, Coeur d Alene, Idaho

Each summer the ArtsPowered Schools Summer Institute offers a residential professional opportunity designed to immerse educators in strategies for teaching in and through the arts.

Coeur d'Alene: The Place to Be
During the week you will have an opportunity to work with some of the finest artists and educators in the country, tap into your own creativity, and gain valuable curriculum resources to enrich your teaching practice in support of the Idaho Humanities Content Standards and student learning. This year all attendees will receive a final copy of the newly created arts education foundational piece, Arts Powered Learning: An Idaho Arts Educational Framework.

It' About Place. Enjoy the beautiful site on the lake in Northern Idaho, tap into unique regional arts resources, focus your art work on place, and return to school this fall with new ideas to engage your students in arts learning that makes connections to their lives and community.

An arts rich community in stunning natural surroundings.

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Who Should Attend ?
Former Attendees: We offer something new every year!
Elementary Teachers seeking new perspectives, teaching strategies, and an opportunity to enliven and renew their creative energy
Principals and Administrators interested in the power of the arts to enhance learning in all subjects.
Art Parents who work to create a school arts focus that involves families and community members in the life of the school.
Artists and Cultural Organizations developing links between work in the arts and important school goals.



Monday through Friday, nationally recognized presenters will focus on key foundational topics to help participants gain skills in effective arts instruction. Each plenary session will illuminate the content of the Idaho Humanities Standards and ArtsPowered Learning: An Idaho Arts Education Framework.

What is the Big Idea?
Big conceptual ideas provide a framework for both art and academic content areas. The big idea provides a container – or frame – to unify the parts into a meaningful whole. Join Cynthia Weis, Associate Director of School Partnerships at the Center for Community Arts Partnerships at Columbia College in Chicago as she unwraps the parallels between arts and learning across the curriculum.

Cynthia Weis is co-editor of the book Renaissance in the Classroom: Arts Integration and Meaningful Learning as well as the newly published AIMprint: New Relationships in the Arts and Learning. She is an award winning public artist, and educator. As a member of the Chicago Public Art Group, Cynthia directs large scale public art projects that invite community participation.

The Artistic Process

As students use their own ideas to create original work in an artform, they make essential connections to engaged learning. They also draw on the impulse to make work right - a driving force in the artists’ creative process. Join Kennedy Center educator Deb Brzoska as she helps us harness these tools for arts learning and beyond.

Deborah Brzoska is a specialist in art assessment and served as group leader for the National Assessment of Educational Progress in the Arts (NAEP). As a national teaching artist for The Kennedy Center, Deb has presented professional development for teachers and artists internationally and in nearly all fifty states.

Teaching a Great Lesson from Start to Finish

Truly, a great lesson is a work of art. Skillfully constructed, it has fascinating and important underpinnings (well-chosen objectives) played out in a gorgeous, unfolding architecture (engaging instructional strategies) throughout which students check their own, are checked for, and check others’ knowledge (embedded assessments). Join Seattle dance educator Eric Johnson to examine how easy it is to make each lesson you teach, no matter what the content area, memorable and remember-able for every student

Since 1984 Eric Johnson has worked with thousands of teachers and students from Florida to Alaska to Tokyo.   A national workshop leader for the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC,  and mentor teacher in area school districts, Eric teaches 550 students weekly in Seattle public and private schools.

Telling Your Story
Reporting project outcomes is a persuasive means for teachers to contribute to wider knowledge and reach people that may be interested in your unit or lesson design and student learning results. Learn how to take deliberate steps to analyze and share evidence of the learning that takes place in your classroom with a wider audience.

Deb again!

The Imagine Nation
In a global marketplace that calls for innovation, American schools should be developing skills of the imagination. A large majority of Americans has come to recognize that, in order to foster innovation in the marketplace, we must cultivate imagination in schools. Join Arts Education Partnership presenter who will address the role of the arts in integrated, interdisciplinary learning that is essential to developing the imagination and meeting the demands of the 21st century workforce.



Each ArtsPowered Schools participant will choose and participate in TWO Art Studio Intensives. These daily sessions will immerse you in an art form as a creator of art. You will gain experience in working with artistic mediums – using the artistic process to develop skills, express ideas, and reflect on and refine your work. Studio teaching artists will model “teaching for meaning” and help participants gain skills in developing dynamic arts units that they can use in their classrooms.

Select Two (Include your 1st 2nd & 3rd choice)
  1. Bringing Every-day Movements to Life

    teaching artist Eric Johnson

    One of the most important developments in 20th century modern dance was the incorporation and manipulation of every-day movements into the dance vocabulary. Come enjoy a simple, energizing warm-up and a small group choreography project using every-day movements that wittily explores the topic of beginning/middle/end and that will also serve you as teach your class the writing trait of Organization. Included in the handouts will be a multitude of lesson plans for integrated arts instruction.

  2. Plein Air: Taking Your Paints Outside

    teaching artist John H. Davis

    In this studio session you will discover the joy of painting in the great outdoors. Plein air is a term derived from the French phrase en plein air, which literally means 'in the open air'. It's a familiar concept today, but in the late 1800s when the Impressionists ventured out of their studios into nature to investigate and capture the effects of sunlight on a subject, it was quite revolutionary.

  3. Digging Deeper – Advancing Arts Teaching and Learning Through Reflective Practice

    teaching artist Deb Brzoska

    In this active studio, facilitated by Deb Brzoska, participants will form a learning community and gain active tools to take home for use in the classroom as well as in team planning, and whole school faculty meetings. Six teams may sign up to present an engaging lesson and pose a question about their practice that will be “workshopped” during the week. Some of the questions that have been explored by groups include: How can I improve my own teaching strategies through the arts? What do I say to my students about the quality of their work in the arts? How do we work as a school to get more teachers engaged in this practice? How can we share our work with the entire community? (The session is also open to any institute participants who may wish to take part, but not present.)

  4. I Can Call Back—Writing, Memory, and Place

    teaching artist Malia Collins

    When I was thirteen I stood at the edge of Starvation Creek and begged my grandfather for the camera so I could capture the light and shadows coming through the tree branches. He said to me, "Take a picture of it with your mind. It'll last longer." I've been taking pictures with my mind ever since. Through vivid language, specificity and focus on detail we'll take your stories, poems and life experiences and turn them into pieces of writing. We will play with language, and through that play, work on making our writing as specific and vivid as the images we have in our minds. We will keep a writer's notebook throughout the week and pay close attention to what we see and hear around us.

  5. Drawing Architecture

    teaching artists Jane Morgan & Margery Christensen

    Polish or discover new drawing skills as you experience drawing Coeur d'Alene's downtown landmark buildings under the direction of two experienced 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' instructors. Indulge in the beauty of Coeur d'Alene architecture and capture those buildings with pencil and paper, while recognizing your ability to develop an understanding of community through architecture with your students in your own hometown.

  6. Voices Sharing Traditions: The Art of Interviewing Tradition Bearers

    teaching artist Carol Spellman
    Conversation is a powerful way to learn many things. Learn the art of interviewing by watching artists from Idaho' three northern tribes share their artforms and by engaging in conversations with them. This studio session will help you to enhance the teachable moments from guest artists’ visitations while helping students experience a deeper understanding of the traditional arts, learn life lessons, and compare these cultural traditions to those in their own family and community.

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Planning time at the conclusion of each day will provide opportunities for participants to find a comfortable spot to reflect on the days’ learning in their journal. It can also be used to create Unit and Lesson Plans for professional credit, and/or for residency teams to meet with ArtsPowered Schools teaching artists to develop an artist in residence plan for the upcoming school year that will extend ArtsPowered learning and connect with goals and interests of the school.


Evening events provide opportunities to experience and enjoy live arts performances and exhibitions of artwork and to connect to the rich arts resources of the community. Participation in the evening events provide opportunities for you to sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding as you observe, describe, analyze, interpret, the work of others – key components of the Humanities Content Standards.

Throughout the ArtsPowered week, teachers will have opportunities to work with ICA teaching artists, developing plans to include an artist in residence at your home school during the 2009-2010 school year.

IF YOUR SCHOOL WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED TO BE AWARDED AN ARTIST IN RESIDENCE, please submit a brief letter explaining how your school would imagine using an artist to integrate the arts at your school, along with your registration form.



$200, Idaho residents (includes instruction, materials, double occupancy dorm lodging, breakfasts, lunches, three hosted dinners, and evening arts activities).

  • Single occupancy dorm rooms are available for an additional $150 for the week. The bright and modern dorm rooms are organized into two room pods with two beds per room and a private bathroom per pod.
  • Guests or family members may not stay in the NIC dorm lodging.
  • Local participants can choose to spend evenings at home or out-of-towners can arrange accommodations at their own expense if “dorm life” is not their style.
Registration fee for non-Idaho residents, $800.


Academic Credit
One to three professional development credits through the University of Idaho or Lewis-Clark State College are available for ArtsPowered Schools participants. Academic credit is optional and will be arranged at registration.


To Enroll
Dr. Peggy Wenner
Idaho State Department of Education
ArtsPowered Schools Summer Institute
P.O. Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0027

We are not set up to accept credit cards.

NOTE:  Please make all checks out to the Idaho Commission on the Arts 

  • Please make all out purchase orders to the Idaho State Department Of Education

Register Early to get your first art studio choices! ArtsPowered Schools will be able to accept 100 participants for this summer’s Institute.

Teams of three of more people from one school to submit registration forms, requests for an artist in residence, and payment, will be considered for awards of artist residencies for their school. Consideration will be given to geographic distribution, previous participation in ArtsPowered Schools, and be contingent on the availability of funding.

Please include all school participants’ forms and payment in the same envelope.

Sunday August 9 – 12,
North Idaho College, Coeur d' Alene, ID

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